The Roman Candle

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Our pizza speaks for itself. More importantly, it does so in a distinctive voice that’s savory and unique, original and vibrant, and yet somehow familiar and delightful. Once you’ve heard it, you’ll never forget it.

We make the average and monotonous disappear. We are painfully aware that our competition is willing to ask you to compromise, but we won’t let you. We can’t. We’ll never be in this to just make a few bucks – to pump out a few more boring cardboard pizzas. We want you to become roaring fans of our pizza madness. This is our craft – our passion and mission. Our pizza insanity. Our Culture of Crust. If you do not love our pizza, if it does not excite you, then we have failed you (or you may just have terrible taste).

Craft is a new buzzword in the restaurant industry. Anyone can tell a craft story and brand the word on a t-shirt. We didn’t want to just talk about it, we wanted to define it with our food, our commitment to getting better every day and our old-fashioned gen-u-ine care for how we roll. And toss. And serve.

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