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Avid Birders will tell you that the shore and other water birds begin to slide into migration in late July and early August. Orioles and Hummingbirds begin to move south during this time period too. Offering nectar and fruit for these birds is a great idea.

As we go into late August and September, many species of birds will move through Madison. Providing a variety of seeds and mealworms will enhance your feeder viewing during this exciting time. Watch for larger birds flying in formation or the Kettles of Broad-wing Hawks too.

Blackbirds are diminishing in numbers as fall approaches so changing to general blends is optimal. Supreme or Choice Blend should be a consideration.

Wild Birds Unlimited is the ONLY store to find a great variety and “fresh” food. Nyger is one seed that needs to be fresh for it becomes stale in feeders in a relatively short period of time. Nyjer and Finch Blend is on sale this August.

Happy Birding from all of us at Wild Birds Unlimited.

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Wild Birds